(From : - May 28 , 2019 )

Apple received a patent to create a foldable smartphone, which has become popular with other phone makers.

(From : - April 9 , 2019 )

German electronics firm Bury has asked European Union antitrust regulators to investigate Nokia's licensing practices on patents essential to car communications, the second such complaint after Daimler.

(From : - April 3 , 2019 )

Toyota Motor Corp said it would offer royalty-free access to its hybrid-vehicle technology patents through 2030, as it seeks to expand use of lower emissions vehicles before the global auto industry shifts to all-battery electric cars.

(From : - April 2 , 2019 )

Toyota Motor Corp plans to offer royalty-free access to its hybrid-vehicle technology patents as early as this year, the Nikkei Asian Review reported on Wednesday.

(From : - March 29 , 2019 )

German carmaker Daimler has complained to EU antitrust regulators about Nokia patents essential to car communications, a move underlining the tensions between tech companies and the car industry on the use of key technologies.

(From : - March 26 , 2019 )

Split decisions on Tuesday by a U.S. government panel in acrimonious patent disputes between iPhone-maker Apple and chip supplier Qualcomm left their battle lines largely unchanged ahead of a U.S Federal Trade Commission ruling and a major trial next month.

(From : - March 18 , 2019 )

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei led the pack with Asia accounting for more than half of the international patent applications at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) last year, WIPO said on Tuesday.

(From : - March 15 , 2019 )

A federal court jury said Apple owed the chip maker Qualcomm about $31 million after agreeing with Qualcomm’s claims that Apple had infringed on its patents.

(From : - March 15 , 2019 )

Mobile phone chip supplier Qualcomm Inc on Friday won a legal victory against iPhone maker Apple Inc, with a jury in federal court in San Diego finding that Apple owes Qualcomm about $31 million for infringing three of its patents.

(From : - March 12 , 2019 )

Taiwan's Foxconn on Tuesday responded to a patent infringement lawsuit filed against it by Microsoft Corp , saying as a contract manufacturer, it has never needed to pay royalties for the U.S. giant's software.