IP Highlights - week ending December 12, 2015

FPO relaunch, phase 1 complete

We have revamped much of the site in our ongoing effort to improve user experience, bring more capabilities, data, and IP news to our global audience.  We have many more plans in the coming months and look forward to hearing from you with feedback and suggestions.  Learn more.

Climate Accord approved by 195 Nations

While not directly IP-related, this is a big step in the collective global effort to stem the tide of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.  It also has implications for technology solutions and energy, transportation, and other related markets.  Smart corporate strategists have been planning for this for a long time.  We should start to see more and more ROI toward efforts that help address this problem.  Read more at the New York Times, from Dec. 12.  EPO recently highlighted this trend in their own study on inventions in climate change mitigation technologies.  

New Appointment made to USPTO as Director of the new Texas Regional Office in Dallas

Hope Shimabuku, a Texas native, looks like a very strong candidate with deep engineering experience as well as being an intellectual property attorney.  Read more at the USPTO Director's Forum.

IP and the Art of "Forensic Accounting"

More from our ongoing effort to bring light to the dark arts of financial accounting and valuation in the IP realm.  Look forward to deeper dive here in the coming weeks.  Read the article here.

Samsung is paying Apple $548 million for Patent Settlement - for now

While the companies jointly announced Samsung's agreed payment, it seems Samsung may not be done fighting the case - raising the possibility of Supreme Court appeal.  Read more.