AcclaimIP Quick Tip: Find Patents that a Target Assignee has Acquired

When studying a company, I often want to know what patents they have acquired.  There is a really easy technique in AcclaimIP to find these patents and chart them by the assignor patentee (the seller).
AcclaimIP has two assignee queries that you use to answer this question:
1. AN:  The Original Assignee
2. ANRE_CUR:  The Current Assignee.

AcclaimIP: Patent Searching by Assignee Name

Searching patents by assignee name may seem simple.  Show me all patents from Apple, IBM or Merck.  Au contraire mon frère.  I only wish it were so.  Consider the following issues:
  1. Patentees are not required to have their name on the patent.  Therefore many patents don’t contain assignee names at all.

The 7 Simple Secrets to Patent Searching

Tips and techniques for searching patents

We are in the middle of a revolution for technological supremacy.  A new age of patent rights has arrived marked by ever-expanding court battles over patent claims with billions of dollars at stake.

The role of the patent searcher has radically changed as well.  Today, a cursory search, which may have been adequate in the past, may put your company or client at risk.  The good news is that the systems and software for navigating patent data have greatly improved, as have the techniques for using them.

In light of the government shutdown, let's explore some USPTO metrics

The USPTO has asserted on their web site that the government shutdown will not affect their operations, at least not yet.  I thought this was an appropriate time to look at the supply and throughput numbers a bit given that it is possible they will be forced to reduce staffing temporarily (and certainly it is unlikely that they can effectively ramp up).  By the way, here is what they said:

Tips on Wildcard Searching

I was working with a customer the other day, and we had an interesting question come up.  The solution is not only clever, but may change the way you approach many of your patent search projects.  But I have to warn you, you'll have to use our search syntax to benefit from the technique.

Who Needs to Understand Patent Data?

"Patents are addressed by those IP attorneys in legal," is a sentiment frequently echoed in the rank and file of companies.  While companies increasingly cite innovation as an essential part of their future success and patenting (and patent litigation) trends continue to rise, the reality is that patents and their role in innovation are not well understood.