What You Should Know About the New FPO

We have been working very hard to bring you the best professional and free solutions in the world for the past few years and are pleased to launch our new FPO IP portal.  You will still have access to the familiar fast and reliable search and account functions and you will see more and more analysis and content to help inventors, firms, and companies improve their management of IP.  A few of the upgrades you will see now:

  • A weekly IP summary, synthesizing the most important and interesting news, analysis, and data in the world of IP
  • An updated and revamped MPEP for patent professionals to reference as they conduct searches or other work on FPO
  • Quick index of current IP-related content from trusted news sources, IP Offices, and notable blogs
  • Reworked Help section to improve user experience and provide access
  • Improved Access to Solutions and Services through AcclaimIP and partners

What you can expect in 2016:

  • More data - yes, we will be adding data collections as well as bringing back litigation data associated with IP
  • Company and Firm profiles - leveraging the power of the AcclaimIP Visualization Suite, we will bring you more specific views and analysis
  • We will be partnering with other firms to bring new analyses and leaderboards and an IP marketplace
  • Best Practice Guides - we are hard at work putting together our best practice guides around IP Data Intelligence - we are going to share our learnings from over a decade in working deep in IP and IP data

We thank you again for your support over the years and encourage you to take advantage of these great resources.  If you have suggestions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me at erik@freepatentsonline.com