New Ways to Understand Technology Landscapes in a few clicks: CONCEPTSCAPE

One of the most exciting new features in AcclaimIP involves even greater automation and simplification of technology landscape investigation - and associated visualization..

It really combines the best of both possible worlds - real actionable data and transparency with world-class visualizations, including quick comparisons and manipulation.

Let's say, for example I want to see what is going on in the nanotechnology landscape.  I could start with a variety of inputs, but for simplicity I will just use the CPC classification at the CLASS level "B82 - 'NANO-TECHNOLOGY'".  I also selected only USPT (grants) for simplicity:




Then using the Analyze function for CONCEPTSCAPE, I can in one click generate both a highly-transparent and powerful matrix analysis, as well as a concept landscape visualization extracted from the keywords associated with the associated documents:



It can take a few seconds since it is running thousands of queries simultaneously and returning key players as well as useful hierarchical categorization of the keyword/cluster landscape associated with the set of documents.  But it is worth the small wait:


You can then also expand on the ConceptScape, comparing some of the top assignees found in the set of relevant patents:



From either the matrix view or the ConceptScape view, one can drill into the actual sets of patents in any slice (or subslice) and go directly to the list of patents in the familiar AcclaimIP grid.  In this way, in literally a few minutes, you can have some really interesting and actionable insights to share with your IP, R&D, licensing, or executive management.

We look forward to hearing from our customers about how we can continue to refine and improve the powerful features.