The Largest Patent Agents and Their Clients

We recently looked at a distribution of the largest 10 patent agents (US Grants, Last 20 years) and did some quick analysis - it shows some interesting tidbits.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:


If you run a quick analysis on the patents associated with the above, you can get some insights into who their clients are and some other statistics:



I won't speculate too much on why we see so few of the largest US companies in these lists, but I suspect it has to do with the DISTRIBUTION of work at US companies vs. Asian companies (i.e., perhaps US companies spread their work out more over several firms while Asian companies tend to give their work to just a few).  

For example, the following chart shows some of the top agents for IBM - I have truncated the chart since it is a pretty long-tail distribution, but you can get a sense of how evenly spread it is at the top-end of the distribution.

We'll be looking at agent trends and "leaderboards" more in the future, but we found the very quick and dirty analysis informative and interesting and wanted to share.