AcclaimIP Services and Premium Partners

AcclaimIP Services

AcclaimIP provides customized services to its clients in IP strategy, decision support, and special projects, always with our unique analytical approach.  We utilize our own software, data, tools, and over a decade's experience in IP to drive the deliverables and advice.  It is always based on sound data analysis and tailored to the specific client and context.  Much of the time, we deliver our reports and analysis directly in the AcclaimIP platform, so that our clients can continue to reap the benefits of the work.  From special landscaping to invention disclosure analysis, we provide end-to-end breadth and capabilities and partner with a world-class team of companies to offer the next tier of services for things like patent searching and licensing/monetization.  

To learn more, contact or call 443-765-9242.

Below you can learn about some of our partners.


Premium Partners of AcclaimIP

These are companies we have collaborated with in the past who demonstrate best-in-class capabilities and we believe share our 3 core values:
  1. High level of advocacy to client and responsive, high-quality service

  2. Strategic view of IP

  3. Deep commitment to analytics



TECHSON provides innovative and transparent patent research services.  TECHSON utilizes customer collaboration, rolling results, team review, timesaving reports, improved workflows, results-based incentives, and thorough post-search conclusions to deliver actionable intelligence at competitive prices.  Whether you are looking for assistance with a Clearance, Freedom-to-Operate, Invalidity, Prior Art, Landscape, Patentability or other research project, TECHSON’s team of highly trained US-based engineers, scientists, and attorneys will work WITH you to uncover the best results.
You can contact them directly at:
Austin, TX USA 



Dominion Harbor Group  – the global leader in bringing the best IP to the market.  DHG has demonstrated expertise in working with entrepreneurs, companies, and universities to analyze and optimize the value of their IP, including: licensing a client’s innovations and obtaining royalties for inventions currently practiced in the market, offering a projected revenue stream with abbreviated time to money, and increasing the vlaue of innovative companies through dedicated IP services and placement.
You can learn more at their web site: